Mirror enemy - upcoming game!

2010-08-03 15:10:15 by Arawanach

Okey. I have to admit that this game is more or less finished. I might need to do some improvements on the game or something.

There's just one problem with the game. The game is not made in flash, but I used some other program to make it. The complete file is an exe file.

Anyone know how to convert it into flash?

Considering that people may not take my word for the the game is actually made, I include a photo of it. I might put out some more if people seem interested.

Mirror enemy - upcoming game!

Upcoming flash movie series!

2009-06-17 13:18:39 by Arawanach

I have the idea ready and I have started on it. Now I just need some music and then I will send a trailer. The trailer actually mostly explain the concept, but it doesn't include anything from it. I might make a new one later on.

I have a little experience with flash from before, but not much. Still I wanted to make something that doesn't seem too bad.

Anyway. The movies are called Brain Lenso. It's a story about an ordinary guy that thinks he has what it takes to defeat superheroes and supervillains.